Well Reviewed.

The following statement is an exact email from a bride whose wedding I recently photographed.  I haven't blogged this wedding yet, however I will be shortly and I'm looking forward to it.  In the meantime I felt this testimonial describes my approach to weddings nearly perfectly.  To hear this from an outside perspective makes me incredibly happy and satisfied.  If you booked me for a wedding in 2015, or are considering it - THIS is what I want to accomplish for you.

It's a bonafide humble brag.  And quite honestly, one I'm damn proud of.


Holy. Shit. I've felt a bit speechless since I looked through them, but I'm gonna try....

These are incredible. I seriously cannot comprehend how every single photo is meaningful and beautiful in its own way. Not a single one is without purpose. I'm sure it's easier to click away and deliver wedding after wedding but it is so evident that instead of doing that, you truly capture each wedding individually, and it amazes me to see how you captured ours. You'd think you had known us all for years, the way you put us on film. Going through them has been like reliving the day - this time without nerves or exhaustion, only with the happiness, joy, and love we felt. But I'm actually really grateful that some of the photos show our nerves and exhaustion because we never wanted a glossy representation of our wedding, just the true sense of it in all its strangeness and wonderfulness. I love the photo of Jerrod and Josh practically carrying me up the hill, I love the one of my niece looking grumpy at the end of the reception, I love the one of my maid of honor picking dead bugs out of my veil, and I even love the cake cutting ones where we both have no idea what we're doing, have like 6 chins between us, and forgot to kiss afterward :) And of course I love the epic Aspen grove ones, the ceremony photos, and the ones from the first dance and father/daughter dance which we will cherish forever. You either have crazy intuition about what your clients will like, or you just shoot what you like - either way I feel very lucky. 

It felt serendipitous to find you as our photographer - part of the reason why I felt like it was going to work out great. I'll be honest, it was tempting to go a safer route and hire someone with lots of safe photos on their blog. Thank god I resisted that. I am so much happier with what you have given us than I would have been with anything like that. I imagine it's also tempting sometimes for you to take the easier route, but I hope all your clients tell you after they get their gallery that you gave them the truth of their wedding and their love through your art, and that that is a wonderful gift to receive.  

Thank you, thank you, thank you.