Molly & Tim. A Terrain Wedding in Glen Mills.

Very rarely due I not get to meet a couple prior to their wedding.  If I don't it's usually due to them living across the country, or even in a different country.  And even in those circumstances I will usually get in a Skype meeting with them - just so we can meet each other on some level.  But in the case of Molly & Tim's wedding, I didn't meet either of them in person, or online, before their wedding at Terrain.

So you may be asking yourself, why?

Here's the answer:  I'm friends with Tim's sister - Sarah - and she hired me to photograph Molly & Tim.  I've photographed Sarah's family a couple times and love them as people - so I assumed her brother would be just as awesome them.  My assumption was correct.

Molly & Tim's wedding is one of those weddings where everything works out perfectly.  The weather, the people, the locations, the style, and the all around general emotion and atmosphere.  It's a wedding where the father of the bride pulled me aside just after his dance with his daughter and said the following to me:

"You're a fucking awesome wedding photographer.  I said to my wife in the car on the way over (to the venue from getting ready) that this guy is fucking awesome."

Can anything beat that compliment?  Perhaps not.  But that sums up the day for me.  It was just fucking awesome.