Claire + Marc. A Bartram's Garden Wedding in West Philadelphia.

Claire had me at film.

When she contacted me last year to discuss the possibility of me photographing her wedding at Bartram's Gardens in Philly she mentioned her love for film - and more specifically instant film and the use of Holga cameras.  Those are the outer niche of the film world and I fell in love instantly.  Every time I saw her post a Holga image online I got a bit more excited for their wedding.  I knew they were going to let me explore and allow me the creative freedom to express my style properly.  There is nothing better you can ask for from clients.

The ability to explore.

I wasn't afraid to push the boundaries a bit and I did so at their wedding and I personally feel they were rewarded with something unique and personable - which matches their personalities perfectly.  I was relaxed and tried a few things I have never before at a wedding because I was too scared to miss a shot.  This time I still got the shot I wanted, just from a different perspective.

So here is the wedding day of Claire and Marc.  Check out the bottom for a little surprise.

And here's a little something special.  I've been wanting to try this for a while and thought this would be the perfect wedding to do so.  I handed Claire's sister a 36 shot point and shoot camera and told her to fire it off whenever she wanted.  I did a bit of explaining of things I was looking for but I also made sure she was able to have full creative control.  She was 12 (or 13, I forget).  I wanted to have someone get in to areas I wasn't able to and what better way then with a child?  So here's a few of my favorites from her set.