Dani & Kyle. Married.

It's becoming a habit now.

Thankfully, this wedding season hasn't been too dramatic on the weather front.  Sometimes we have stretches of rainy/stormy weddings that last for weeks.  A few years back there was a run of 6 or 7 weekends in a row where there was no trace of the sun for a wedding.  But for the most part, this season has been pretty tame.  I won't complain about that.

But what this season has brought, as I noted in a previous wedding blog post, was that I've been more involved in the process of making decisions when there's a chance of rain (for an outside ceremony).  Dani & Kyle's wedding was no different.

The rain started as I pulled up the house where she was getting ready.  The humidity was insane, 90-95%, and it felt disgusting all morning.  It was going to rain, we just didn't know when.  It had to, the humidity was oppressive - it felt like you stepped into a rainforest.  Actually, we were praying for rain so it wasn't so stifling outside.  The rain would break the nastiness.

And rain it did.  It poured for about 2 hrs - pretty much the entire getting ready time period.  Decisions were going to have to be made about the ceremony.  Oddly enough, the bride from the first wedding I photographed earlier in the season (Ashley & Jay) where I helped make a decision was a bridesmaid in this wedding.  So once again I was called upon for advice.  

My vote:  Go for it.

The rain slowed down as we stepped out of the house and into the cars.  It was lightly drizzling for the 10 minute ride over to the venue.  And by the time we parked our cars, it had stopped.  The humidity dropped dramatically and the sun even showed itself.  But more rain was in the forecast so a decision had to be made about the ceremony.  The planner's suggestion was to have it under the pavilion so Dani came to me:

Nope, have it outside.  We'll be fine.  She completely agreed.  

We fit in all the portraits we could, and the ceremony, into that window we had which ended up being a couple hours.   It didn't last too long as during Dani's dance with her father a massive storm rolled in and soaked everything.  I'll never forget photographing that dance while the rain blew in the sides of the pavilion and people were huddled close in the city; my camera, clothes, and hair wet from the mist.  But it worked out.  The day was a success.  And I still maintained a perfect record.

3 for 3.