Jessica + Alan. A Greenville Country Club Wedding.

"I say go for it," I said with confidence.

Jess looks out the back window on to the ceremony location and her eyes glance up at the sky.  It's still partly sunny but she knows its going to rain soon.  Its just a matter of when.

"Ok, I trust you."

Up to this point I was 1 for 1 when calling the ceremony due to impending rain.  I was putting my perfect record on the line.  I just the radar often.  I'm a self professed weather geek - as I've noted in multiple blog posts - and I've apparently adopted that nerd-ness to wedding days.  Especially when there's rain in the forecast.

"Here's why I say yes.  You have nothing to lose.  At this point its a 40% chance of rain during your ceremony.  All that means is that there's a 60% chance it won't.  I will always choose going for it unless its pouring at that time."

Too many reception locations make such a big deal about ceremonies in inclement weather.  They ask to make the call hours before .. sometimes 3.  Thats crazy.  They could make the decision 15 minutes before and would be fine.  Yeah, it would be a bit rushed or chaotic for a few minutes but oh well, no harm done.  But this time Jessica trusted me and I had the planner on my side as well - which doesn't always happen.

So we press ahead with the outdoor ceremony.

The thunder gets closer by the minute.  You can feel that it will rain very soon.  The trees show the backs of their leaves and the sky darkens.  I change my shutter speed from 500 to 125.  They say their vows.  It darkens fast.  They exchange rings.  The thunder is loud now - lightning is on the horizon.  They kiss.  A slight spitting rain develops.  They walk - fast - back down the aisle.  The rain increases.  They stop for a kiss.  Rain now - steady.  The last person walks under a small covered portion of the patio while the guests are shuffled quickly to cocktail hour.  

It pours.  Downpour is a better word.  The clouds quite literally open up and let go of what they've been holding on to for hours now.  We fit it in and everyone is elated.

2 for 2.