2013. A Year In Review.

2013.  What a damn fine year.

It sounds so terribly cliche when using the phrase "time flies," however it's so accurate.  Time really does seem to speed up.  Especially as you get older.  2013 was a whirlwind.  A magnificent blur.  I had so many experiences this past year its hard to even recall many of time without some effort.  But it was fantastic and I'm thankful for my new friends, old friends, great friends and especially my family.  Without my wife's support I couldn't be doing what I love to do.

This post isn't a "Best Of" so to speak.  It's definitely many of my favorite images but I call it a review for a reason.  Its a glimpse of what I what I witnessed this past year.  Its not every wedding, or even close to every portrait session.  If I did that it would take you an hour to scroll through the beast.  Its my year.  It's 2013 curated and trimmed down to fit all snug in a blog post.  It's a group of images that make me happy.
So sit back, scroll slowly, and please enjoy a portion of what my eyes saw through the year.