Hillary & Justin. A Inn at Barley Sheaf Farm Wedding.

I pulled into the gravel driveway and proceeded to follow the long road back to the Inn.  You can't see the inn from the main road and I had never photographed a wedding there - nor did I check out the website.  But upon turning in I could tell it was going to be pretty cool.  

And it was.  I've had a chance to photograph weddings at some pretty stellar places since starting my business and The Inn at Barley Sheaf was definitely one of my favorites from 2013.  I'm starting to see more and more creative and unique places pop up in the Philly area for wedding receptions and lately, the B&B's have been killing it.  This place did just that.

Hillary & Justin were married on a darn hot and humid day in October - when its usually not like that.  But they didn't care.  They rolled with it and had such a beautiful and memorable wedding - one that I will stick with me for some time to come.  They had a blast with family, friends, and pictures and I think they were rewarded with some awesome photography.

Congratulations Hillary & Justin!