Carina + Brian. Married at Ash Mill Farm in New Hope, PA.

A June wedding in the Philly area.  

Chances are its going to rain, be humid, and be hot.  Chances.

Apparently Carina and Brian have a friendship with Mother Nature because on this day in mid-June, the weather was glorious.  I'm talking San Diego 70-75 degrees, bright sunshine nearly all day, no humidity.  I honestly can't recall a better day for a wedding in June out of the years I have been a wedding photographer.  Maybe its the fact that Carina is a wedding photographer herself (Love Me Do Photography).  Maybe she was challenged with enough crazy Philly weddings she was rewarded herself with amazing-ness.  However it came to pass, I just know I enjoyed it.  The guests enjoyed it.  And Carina and Brian enjoyed it. 

I had a blast photographing these two.  Carina said to me ... "do whatever you want, Mike."  That may be the best thing a wedding photographer can hear the day of.  So I did.  I wandered around Ash Mill Farm and documented what happened.

And here is what I saw: