Laura + Trey. A Valley Forge Park Engagement.

Spring in the Philly area, in the Northeast for that matter, comes pretty fast.  One week everything is dead; trees are bare; the dominant color is brown; and the sky is constantly grey.  The next week everything is green.  Bright green.  A new, fresh green.  The skies open up; thunderstorms arrive; humidity makes its presence known.

It was at this time we did an engagement shoot for Laura + Trey.  As a human, you can't help getting excited for Spring.  Everything is fresh and new.  The earth feels clean.  You want to get out of your house and explore.  So, for good reason, this is the time everyone is itching to get their picture taken.  BUT, as a photographer in this time of the year, I'm in hell.  Green HAS to be the worst color tone to work with.  Faces, skin, everything basically, turns green.  I knew I had my work cut out for me but I also knew it would look amazing - and they would love the location.

So we set off on Friday morning in Spring to take some pictures.  Laura and Trey have a powerful connection and you could tell that immediately upon getting into the session.  These guys love each other.  Hard.  And that is awesome.