Angie + Matt. A Playa Del Carmen Wedding.

Angie is from Canada.  Matt is from Australia.

Angie moved out of her house pretty quickly and explored the world and eventually made her way to Australia.  Matt pretty much never left home.  Angie needed money and got a job where Matt worked.  After some hustling Matt scored a date with Angie.

Proposal - check.  
Wedding in Mexico - check.

I met Angie and Matt while 2nd shooting for my buddy Aron at a wedding in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.  Like last year, we got to take a mancation and photograph some awesome people while there.  I keep piggybacking on Aron's weddings.  Eventually he'll catch on to my plan (which I'm not even familiar with just yet).  In any case, we got to chill with some great people, and take some pictures too.  Not a bad gig at all, right?

So here's a few of my favorite frames from my perspective at the wedding: