Britney + Justin. An intimate wedding in Philadelphia.

Several years ago, when I was just getting started as a photographer, Britney contacted me about doing some head shots of her.  I still remember it as if it happened a few weeks ago.  I still remember the spots we hit up and the resulting images.  Throughout the years we remained in touch and when Justin proposed to her she contacted me immediately.  I love how a small session like that translated into a relationship and eventually the photographing of a wedding.  The power of photography never ceases to amaze me.

When Britney told me they were having a super small wedding in a park, I have to admit I was pretty psyched.  I have the opportunity to photography many varieties of weddings through a year but there is just something wonderful about an intimate one.  I think a large reason for that is because I get to connect with everyone there on a personal level.  It makes the images more powerful to me as I personally talked to each person and there was no chance anyone was not going to be part of a picture.

So on a Saturday in the spring, we headed to Wissahickon Park just outside of Philly and Britney and Justin were married under a small overhang overlooking the Schuylkill River.  It was an amazing day with amazing people.  

Here is just a sampling of what I witnessed: