An April of Travels

The past few months have been pretty crazy for me.  Besides photographing some amazing sessions and weddings (coming to the blog soon), I've also had the chance to hang out with some great friends in some pretty killer locations.  Getting to do what I love for a living is amazing.  Getting to do what I love for a living and getting to travel from it is icing on the cake.  I'm deeply blessed and truly humble about it all - and I'm constantly afraid its all going to vanish one day.  For now, I'm enjoying life and the company it provides.

In early April, I was a guest speaker at FDF Argentina which took place in Rosario, Argentina.  Rosario is a city about 3hrs northwest of Buenos Aires and was my first time off this continent.  I was invited to speak about my love of photography and film in front of a couple hundred people and to say it was amazing was an understatement.  Also attending was my good pal, Hiram Trillo.  He spoke at the convention as well and killed it - as he always does - and the week provided us a multitude of laughs and good times.  The people of Argentina were super friendly, supportive, and so welcoming.  I am grateful for the experiences and friends I made during the short time I spent there.  Hopefully one day I can get back and do it again.

Following Argentina I had a brief 36hr stay at home and then flew to Mexico to shoot a wedding with my bud, Aron Goss of Calculated Style.  Aron is a good friend of mine and I'm always honored when I get to shoot with him - wherever it is.  In addition to shooting we got some "mancation" time in and got to spend some hours in Playa del Carmen and also see the Mayan ruins of Tulum.  I also had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Shauna who is a wedding photographer as well.  

So here are some favorite frames from both trips: