Christine + Travis. Engaged.

We arrived at the location with anticipation of sunshine but were greeted with the typical overcast grey skies Philly is known for in the late fall months leading up to winter.  As the awkwardness of the first few minutes dwindled, the clouds seemed to be following suit and started fading away.  A half hour in, the glorious light peaked through a vast blue storm cloud to finally give up some natural contrast to the boring, even light we started with.  As the session pushed on the storm clouds finally prevailed and the evening darkness started to sink in.  We headed back to our cars discussing wedding plans and whatever else we could come up with in the brief time we had remaining.  Car doors were unlocked and gear was thrown onto seats.  People met up near us for what looked like a rehearsal dinner for a wedding.  We closed our car doors and met in the middle of the driveway for a last goodbye and lingered more with some small talk.

Mother nature wasn't finished quite yet.  

The storm clouds split open and the most amazing orange sliver of light shot out from between and met us in the parking lot.  My jaw dropped.  I looked at Christine and Travis and back at the golden sunlight.  They knew.  I knew.  

We weren't finished yet.