The Haddocks. A Family Session in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Kiera and I started chatting in a Facebook group for instant film a while back and when she found out I was visiting SLC she jumped at the chance for me to photograph her family.  I'm not sure if she truly jumped at it but hey, its my blog post and I'll embellish it a little.  So after some back and forth on locations we finally settled on one in Big Cottonwood Canyon just outside of the city.  It looked amazing and I couldn't wait to get there and photograph her family.

Funny things plans are.  So often, plans never go the way you ... well ... planned.  Upon arrival to the location - which looked amazing - we saw a sign for "Silver Lake."  Curious, we decided to hit it up.  Kiera had never been there and I had never even been to Utah so I was open to anything.   After a breathtaking 3 mile dirt road up to the lake we were blessed with amazingness.  My jaw dropped.  I can't even describe it and pictures do it absolutely no justice.  Its one of the most beautiful places I've seen in the US.  The whole region was just incredible.

So there we started.  And it was cold.  Freezing cold.  But the family braved it.  My fingers froze.  My one camera stopped working.  My plans to shoot a lot of instant film were foiled due to the extreme cold.  But none-the-less it was incredible.  The whole session was.  Kiera and her family were.  It was an experience I will never forget.

Oh, and I snapped some pictures too.  Now Kiera and her family can never forget either.