Jaclyn + Dan. A Boston Engagement Session.

I love being challenged.  I love a good challenge.

A big reason why I enjoy photographing weddings so much is that its a challenge.  You have to be quick minded and think on your feet.  You can't really prepare too much because you don't know what's going to happen!   While engagement sessions can sometimes be tricky, I usually have a lot of control over the situation.  I can make decisions on where it is, what time of the day, etc.  So when I planned Jaclyn + Dan's engagement session in Boston, what we had in mind didn't really match what really happened.  The sun disappeared fast, fog rolled in, the dark creeped in much faster than we had in mind.  

But it was all ok.  A couple years ago I might have been more worried about it.  But all it did was force me to adapt to the situation and try things I never had before.  I pushed my film to a point I hadn't ever done.  The end result was that Jaclyn and Dan ended up getting some pretty unique images to cherish.