Hayley + Brett. A York, PA Wedding.

As soon as Hayley started describing her wedding day to me I was excited.  She had me at "married on our property of where I grew up."  I love home weddings.  There's just something amazing about documenting a bride getting ready in the house she grew up in.  There's so much character and emotion involved and its wonderful to witness.  The event, while still formal, always has a greater feeling of relaxation.  I always hear stories from the parents about when their kids were younger.  And now they are getting married.  They tend to put weddings into perspective for me and its good for that to happen every so often.  

I love these two.  I love their bridal party (MIIIIIIIKE).  I love their family.  I loved the day.

I do have 1 regret though.  I missed the pizza at the end of the night.  I had a hefty drive on the way home to be back home for a family thing in the morning and couldn't stay too late.  I wish I had.  

Also, thanks to my buddy Erin for tagging along and helping me out.  She's awesome.

So here's a few of my favorite moments from the day: