Ashley + Jay. Engagement session at Frecon Farms

We all sat down at Shorty's cafe for a late breakfast on a windy Sunday months ago to sign a wedding contract.  Or early lunch.  Or brunch.  Whatever you want to call it ... we met and ate food.   We sat and talked for a couple hours about photography, weddings, jobs, etc.  We had a good meal and good conversation.  We scheduled the engagement session right then and there.  I left feeling excited for their wedding.  I just knew it was going to be a good one.

So when the engagement session came around I was eager to photograph them to learn their personalities better - and also how they interact.  They did not disappoint.  We met up at an orchard by my house and just hung out for an hour or so.  We picked asian pears, apples, and raspberries.  We lost track of time and the place ended up closing on us.  And again, I left them excited for their wedding.  Even more excited now.