Lauren + Tyler. Married at Antrim 1844 in Maryland.

Cloudy, misty, foggy, rainy - whatever you want to call it, thats how the day started for Lauren + Tyler.  October in the Northeast is questionable.  One day its 80 and sunny, the next its 55 and raining.  The forecast was that it would clear up by 3pm, just in time for their ceremony.  It was the topic of conversation, among other things that will go unmentioned, leading up to their "first look."  As each hour passed on the mist cleared, the clouds floated higher, and the sun started peaking through.  As if on cue, Lauren walked down the staircase to see her future husband and the blue skies opened up.  I don't believe it could have happened any better.  

Perhaps it was a sign.  A sign signifying the vows Lauren & Tyler were about to make.  Apart for most of the day, it wasn't perfect weather.  It was questionable and could have gotten worse.  But after coming together, everything just got better.  I like to think of that as a metaphor for their relationship.  

Congratulations Lauren + Tyler, I wish you both a wonderful marriage and life together.

If you are interested in the wedding location, check it out here.  I highly suggest it.

Oh, and Lauren has a wicked Etsy shop called Jerseymaids.  Check it out.  She won my heart over because she uses Polaroid images for many of her items.