2012. A Year In Review.

I stared at the computer monitor until it went black.  I jostled the mouse until the screen came back to life.  In front of me was an opened folder in Adobe Bridge.

2012 favs.

2012 favs.  I guess I was so lazy when I created it I couldn't include 5 additional letters to make it more formal.  I remember creating it on a whim.  I had this grand idea that I would throw in all my favorite images into that folder throughout the year and at the end, I'd have this amazing compilation of what I had created.  That was the plan at least.  I'm sure a part of me believed I'd never follow through.  There were definitely months I forgot and I had to go back through to keep it updated.

But here I was staring at the contents of the folder.  Surprisingly, I made it work.  I don't recall any time during the year where I actually opened the folder to see what I had accomplished so far.  I just kept adding, and adding, and adding.  Occasionally I'd go in and grab an image or two to post here and there but I never stopped to really look through them all.  But I was about to now.  

2012 was an incredible year.  There were many moments of elation, frustration, grievance, inspiration and prosperity.  I was able to travel to some incredible places to witness amazing events and I also got to take part in amazing events from the comfort of my home.  I vividly recall numerous powerful and emotional moments with old friends, new friends, family, and strangers.  I watched my children grow up right before my eyes and I witnessed growth in myself as well.

I left 2012 doing what I love.  I entered 2013 doing exactly the same.  I can't tell people enough how much I love what I do and how lucky I am to be able to make it happen for a living.  Thank you to every one that plays a part in my life.  You are there for a reason.  

One last thing ... go and create a "2013 favs" folder of your own.  And at the end of the year, look at how far you have come.  I know I will.