Adrienne + Justin. Married at the Manor House at Prophecy Creek.

Starbucks.  Early 2012.

In walks Adrienne wearing a stylish leather jacket.  Behind her walks in her friend Jenna, her mother, and her future mother-in-law ... who also happens to be Jenna's mother-in-law.   

4 women and me.  We talked about a lot of things including Jenna's wedding in California - which just so happened to be photographed by a colleague, Matt Morgan.  BTW, he crushed that wedding so I had a lot to live up to.  We talked about how Adrienne met Justin - which was at Jenna's wedding.  Justin is the brother of Jenna's husband - which is how they met.  Connection much?  And of course we talked about Adrienne's wedding which was going to be around where I live.  We had good conversation, good laughs, and a good time.  I remember being excited about their wedding walking out the door.

So it was no surprise that when the wedding day rolled around, it was awesome.  Awesome people, awesome weather, awesome location.  I love my job and weddings like theirs just keep me inspired and moving forward.

Congratulations, Adrienne + Justin!

A shout out goes to my assistant, George, who snagged a couple of the guys getting ready shots in this post.  Check out the venue here.

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