30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography. An honor.

A couple months ago I received an email Rangefinder asking me to submit several of my favorite images to be considered for a feature in their upcoming issue.  Rangefinder Magazine is a popular photography magazine among hobbyists and pros and is distributed around the world.  That feature focused on of a select group of photographers considered to be rising stars in the wedding side of photography.  As an artist, I'm always critical of myself and the images I create so while I submitted some images to be reviewed, I never thought I'd actually be selected to be in the final 30.  

I haven't been around too long in this industry.  Its been just under 5 years.  But in that short time I've learned a lot, met a lot of people, and became good friends with a bunch of them.  I love so much of this industry and there are also some things that frustrate me to no end.  At this point in my life, I can't imagine where I'd be had I not took a huge risk and left my good job a few years back.  Even at this point, I'm still scared.  I'm scared this amazing life I created and live is going to go away.  I'm nervous just like every other photographer out there.  Like most photographers I'm sure, my wish is to continue to do what I do for the remainder of my life and I will work hard making sure that happens.

When you get recognized for the effort and art you create, you feel proud.  All photographers love when they receive positive feedback on an image they are happy with.  All photographers love happy client emails after they get back their wedding photos.  And all photographers enjoy some of the spotlight.  Its only human nature.  When I received the email stating I had been selected as one of 2012's rising stars in wedding photography I didn't believe it at first.  Yeah, it sounds cliche, but I honestly read it a couple times to make sure I read it correctly.  I was excited.  Nervous.  Happy.  I was, however, not happy with having to keep that information private for about a month.  I'm terrible at that stuff.  But I did.  And the issue was announced and the magazine hit the stands.  

So I'm writing this post to show off a little to past and future clients, but mostly to say thank you.  Thank you to Rangefinder for considering and selecting me.  Thank you to Junebug for nominating me ( I love those girls!).  And thank you to all my family and friends that have supported me in the past few years.  You guys know who you are.  Congratulations to all the winners.  I look at the group and I'm shocked I'm part of it.  I know a bunch of you personally and seriously, you are amazing.  Everyone on the list is.  I'm humbled and honored to be included among such talent.  

Please check out and purchase the magazine in stores or visit the electronic version here.  Or sign up for a free subscription online.  Or steal it from a friend - just not from a store.  

Again, thank you.

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